Wireless DJ

A multi-touch controller
for iPad.

Beautiful and familiar

Wireless DJ, an iPad MIDI Controller for Traktor
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Wireless DJ is a wireless multi-touch controller for Traktor Pro, Mixxx or any other MIDI-enabled DJ software. Connect it to a wireless network shared with your computer and use it as a low-latency MIDI-controller for your DJ software of choice.

Multi-touch mixer and decks

Faders, EQ, FX, headphone and playback controls, needle search and pitch bend — it’s all there.

Magic Strips

We have a better idea than simulating a jog dial: Magic Strips. One finger for pitch bending, two for ultra-precise tempo adjustment.

“The magic strips are incredibly handy”
— Michael Stone, US

In action

Simple configuration

No additional software to install on a Mac, no hassle with IP addresses, no controller mapping nightmare with supported Traktor Pro and Mixxx — get the configuration files.

Traktor Pro, Mixxx or whatever else

In addition to using provided mappings for Traktor Pro and Mixxx, map Wireless DJ’s controls the way you like to any MIDI-enabled DJ software.

“Set up and running great in under 5 mins,
the response time is equivalent to a hard wired
at a fraction of the price”
— Ryan Gritt, US

Easy choice

Here’s how Wireless DJ compares to some other MIDI-controllers:

Numark NS-7

Vestax VCI-300

Wireless DJ

Connection USB USB Wi-Fi
Power supply Separate wall plug USB bus power iPad’s built-in 10-hour battery
Weight 34.6 lbs / 15.7 kg 1.8 lbs / 0.8 kg 1.3 lbs / 0.6 kg (iPad 2)
Price $1120 $479 $15 $10
Lowest prices found at Google products as of June 14th, 2011
“Amazing app!
This is the smallest mixer that I ever had”
— Indra, Panama
Macbook running Traktor Pro
Available in App Store
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